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I am delighted to announce the arrival of a new tenant at the Jesuit Urban Center. In doing so, I am even more delighted to share with you our hopes that this new relationship will grow into a significant cultural, musical, and spiritual partnership for many years to come.

The Boston Camerata, now in its 51st season, will be making its new home here at the Jesuit Urban Center.  The Boston Camerata is a universally acclaimed musical consort that presents concerts, recordings, and educational projects to delighted audiences around the world.  They have been called by Le Monde “the world’s premiere Medieval and Renaissance scholars and musicians.”   The London Times spoke earlier this year of their “celestial clarity and healing heart-felt power.”  And the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung referred to them as “the breath of angels.”  They are no ordinary musicians and they bring a depth of spirituality and awe to all they touch.

In future years, we hope the Boston Camerata will use the Church of the Immaculate Conception for some of its local concerts and recordings.  For the present, they will locate their home offices in the church on the entire left-hand side of the sanctuary.  They will begin moving in early November.  As the company itself slowly returns from their French tour in the next few weeks, please join me in welcoming them in what could become a truly extraordinary collaboration for both the Jesuit Urban Center and the Boston Camerata. 

J.A. Loftus, S.J.

Director of the Jesuit Urban Center


For a recent Boston Globe review of the Camerata, click here.  It's under the title, "A Christmas delight."  

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